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Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Whiffaway Multipurpose cleaners are a safe and effective treatment to assist with provision of a  trouble free washroom environment.



100% Bio-degradable & environmentally friendly

  • Safe under CHIP/COSHH
  • Eradicate odours at source
  • Remove and digest waste
  • No need for harmful chemicals
  • Cost effective solution


Application - Washroom

WhiffAway Multi-purpose Cleaner (WMC) is an advanced biological action cleaner designed for hard surface cleaning of washroom areas, and as part of a complete WhiffAway cleaning and hygiene regime, it will also help to eradicate foul odours at source.

WMC contains a blend of selected micro-organisms specially chosen for their ability to grow and produce a wide range of enzymes which help degrade organic waste materials.


WMC also contains a blend of surfactants and natural ingredients to enhance the cleaning effect of the product and to penetrate into deposits on surfaces.

The natural ingredients help to dissolve calcium carbonates and uric acid crystals thus helping to prevent significant build-up. This helps to eliminate the need for the use of corrosive acids and hazardous chemicals commonly used for this purpose.

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