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Model 9000

If you have purchased waterless urinal products;

Waterless Urinals - Please note you must only use approved waterless cleaning solutions as HOT WATER OR BLEACH MUST NOT BE USED.

Why spend more time shopping around, ensure you have our waterless urinal installation option added to your cart.

Save time by booking ahead.

If you have purchased a Air Freshener;

Air Freshers - Please add note above for the scent you would like.

For the Air Fresher case please list 1 scent and for any individual pods please list your preferred scent or this will be selected for you.

Lavender and spicy herbs
Orange blossom, jasmine and white flowers
Pineapple, tropical fruits and coconut
Ripe berries for a juicy, fruity scent
Eucalyptus, for a blast of instant freshness
Green apple and pear softened with peach and pineapple
Orange supported by warm spices

Fresh citrus with Caribbean mango and sun-ripened papaya

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