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How do waterless urinals work?

Basically gravity pulls fluid down, then water technology takes over here are 3 solutions to consider:

1.   The Water-Warrior System

Designed and manufactured in Scotland by WhiffAway, the unique trap and installation pack including new common urinal pipework, is a retro-fit solution fitting to over 90% of existing urinal bowls and troughs.

As it saves 100% of urinal water, not only is there no flushing, it also helps to prevent blockages and urinal flooding meaning your maintenance costs are dramatically reduced.

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This unique dual purpose design which releases custom fragrances and acts as a debris catcher, preventing unwanted objects entering the drain below.



2.   Retro Fit System

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Going waterless should not be a financial burden on your business with excessively high upfront costs. That’s why here at Waterless Solutions, we like to work with your existing urinal bowls. Our unique Water-Warrior waterless urinal trap enables us to do this as it is adaptable to 95% of existing urinal bowls.

Beginning with a free site survey, our technicians will be quickly able to identify which of your bowls are suitable for our retro-fit solution.

Once confirmed, the upgrade process is straightforward and includes:

Removal of the existing trap

Cleaning and freshening of the urinal bowl

Fitting and securing our Water-Warrior waterless trap

Installation of brand new common urinal pipework through to the main stack

Flow testing and reporting

With over 100,000 installations in the UK alone, the Water-Warrior retro-fit solution is guaranteed to work for you, no matter what industry you are in.

3.   Waterless Urinal Adapters

There are many inferior waterless and water reduced urinal systems in the market today. Not only is there a lack of after sales service with the majority of these systems, but many of them are unsuccessful when it comes to customer satisfaction, failing to deal with urinal odours and blockages. As a result, these inferior systems have all assisted in creating the historical perception that waterless urinals do not work.

Luckily, if you have already made the choice to go waterless with another provider but are not happy, we have the answer. Our Water-Warrior system is available with a wide range of different adaptors and our Engineers can seamlessly retro-fit these systems.

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How do you maintain waterless Urinals?







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