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Waterless urinal - case study - McLaren Production Centre  - Case Study - waterless solutions
All Cisterns ‘Go’ At McLaren’s Production Centre
Waterless urinal - case study - McLaren Production Centre  - Case Study - waterless solutions
WhiffAway Groups Water-WarriorTM System achieves pole position, saving in excess of
£11,500.00 per annum
The Brief

The MPC is the home of McLaren’s road car production and is a British success story, moreover, demands excellence in all aspects of the manufacturing process. McLaren’s Technical Services Manager wanted to reduce overall water and sewerage usage in their new production centre in a sustainable way. It was noted that the urinals were the single largest user of water within the washroom facilities.


As an existing supply partner and having successfully utilised WhiffAway Groups products in McLaren’s Technical Centre (McLaren’s hub for its F1 team), a remit was given to install a complete urinal bowl solution, which would radically reduce consumption and improve access without having a detrimental effect on washroom hygiene and overall cleanliness.

The Problem

Urinals that experience heavy usage tend to suffer from the same problems experienced at McLaren: flooding, bad odours, regular blockages and high water and energy consumption.

Prior to commencing construction at the MPC McLaren had tried a whole host of products; these included PIR’s, Chemical Dosing Systems, Cubes and Enzyme Systems. The results showed any reduction in water flushing would quickly lead to an increase in bad odours, blockages and associated flooding.

The Solution

Having researched the market, McLaren contacted their Account Manager at WhiffAway Group to trial the Water- WarriorTM System.


WhiffAway’s Water-WarriorTM system is a British product and unique. It is a complete waterless System that is proven in both new urinal bowl and retro-fit variants; dual patented and offers an effective and environmentally sound means of dealing with common urinal problems of odours, blockages and flooding, without the need for unsafe chemicals or constant flushing.


Having contacted several competitors, McLaren were convinced by WhiffAway’s pioneering waterless technology and arranged a trial in a problematic washroom. After which, the product was specified in the washroom fit-out across the MPC.

The Result


Eradicating urinal water usage

The requirement for water was completely removed, without any detriment to the washrooms urinal hygiene and cleanliness. Commercial and environmental savings were also significant excess of £11,500.00 on 36 urinals and accounted for over 20% of the MPC’s total consumption.



Inherent bad odours were significantly reduced and complaints radically reduced.



There are now very few blockages being reported, showing a huge
reduction in reactive callout costs.

The Conclusion

WhiffAway’s complete urinal solution and  associated service includes the WhiffAway cartridge, Valve Housing, WhiffAway Cleaning Solution and XL, forming the Water-WarriorTM System.


The above package provides low cost consumables that are replaced by our nationwide network of service engineers at quarterly service intervals to ensure a high standard of cleanliness and appearance in your washroom is maintained.

Annum saving


Water saved

5,518 m

Reduced CO  


1,076.01 Kg

Access Provision

three points of access created for periodic maintenance.


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