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Sonic Water Softener

One step closer to preventing limescale build up in pipes and appliances, remove calcium ions in the hard water by a process called ion exchange that gives you soft water.

What is sonic water treatment?

The Sonic range of Water Softener treatment units are guaranteed to remove and prevent limescale and make your water feel softer. They will continue to soften the water continuously without requiring any additives once connected to the mains (or via our battery units the WS 2)


What is hard water?

Hard water is caused by the chalk/limestone (calcium carbonate) deposits present in the ground dissolving into the rainwater. When hard water is heated or when the water pressure changes as it does when leaving a tap or suddenly changing direction in an L-bend pipe, the calcium carbonate comes out and reverts back to chalk once again. This chalk is then known as limescale.

What is a traditional water softener?

To prevent limescale from building up in pipes and appliances, you can remove the calcium ions in the hard water by a process called ion exchange. This is what happens in a water softener. Unfortunately, as part of this process, sodium is left in the water which is not good for you and is why it is a requirement to have a separate cold-water drinking tap.

On top of the sodium, traditional water softeners are expensive, not only to buy and install, but also to maintain. There is also the necessity to fill the softener up with salt regularly.

The alternative…

Our range of electronic water conditioners:

  • Removes existing limescale and prevent new limescale forming

  • Are easy to install

  • Are cheaper than a traditional water softener

  • Have no need for salt

  • Have no ongoing maintenance costs

  • Are only £2 per year to run and will pay for itself in the first year

Residential Solutions

All our residential solutions are electronic water softeners and descalers that soften hard water, removes limescale and prevents limescale from forming. All units are easy to install and require no maintenance (i.e. no plumbing or chemicals). All water remains potable so it can be used for drinking and cooking.

12 month no-quibble money back guarantee!

If you are not delighted with the results of the scale removal and prevention after 12 months from installation, you may return your unit for a full rebate.

  • Mains operated

  • Treats 5+ bedroom houses

  • Treats pipes up to 50mm in diameter

  • Includes an additional range of harmonics

  • Computerised microchip technology

  • H: 64mm W: 115mm D: 46mm

  • Mains lead: 2m long

  • Aerial: 2 x 1.5m long (jack both ends)

  • Battery operated

  • Treats 5+ bedroom houses

  • Treats pipes up to 50mm in diameter

  • Computerised microchip technology

  • H: 120mm W: 180mm D: 55mm

  • Power: 4 x D cell batteries

  • Aerial: 2 x 1.5m long (jack one end only)

3 Year replacement guarantee!

if during the first 3 years of installation any part of a unit should fail, we will replace the entire unit free of charge. These units are built to last for up to 15 years.





We will find you a solution so you can take back your commercial savings!
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