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Waterless urinal - case study - Tower 42 - Case Study - waterless solutions
Flying high with award winning water savings at Tower 42
Waterless urinal - case study - Tower 42 - Case Study - waterless solutions

John Gentry, Building Services Manager at Tower 42 wanted to reduce the onsite water consumption in a sustainable way. It was identified that the urinals were the single largest user of water onsite.


John searched the marketplace to find a urinal product that would allow the site to radically reduce its urinal water consumption and energy usage, without having a detrimental effect on hygiene and washroom cleanliness.


His remit was to reduce the maintenance problems: the urinal waste pipe blocked at least every 3 months, consequently causing urinal flooding and a major ongoing reactive problem for site operatives.

The Brief
The Problem

Flushing urinals that experience very heavy usage tend to suffer from the same problems experienced at Tower 42. Flooding, bad odours, regular blockages and high water and energy consumption. Tower Management had previously tried a host of products; Water Misers, Chemical dosing Systems, Cubes, Enzyme Systems and other Waterless Urinals.


All these products were tried in an attempt to reduce water consumption from urinals, but all systems introduced previously had only increased blockages and washroom odours. This lead to a costly return to conventional water flushing.

The Solution

James McLean, Account Director of WhiffAway Ltd, made contact with John to trial the WhiffAway ‘Water-Warrior’ system. WhiffAway’s ‘Water-Warrior System is unique.


It is a completely waterless system that is proven, dual patented, market-leading and offers an effective and environmentally sound means of dealing with problems of odours, blockages and urinal flooding, without the need for unsafe chemicals or constant flushing.


Based on bad experiences John agreed to a trial of the ‘Water-Warrior’ system in a heavy usage washroom on the Gary Rhodes restaurant floor.

The Result

The trial area experienced constant usage during working hours all year round.
The following results were recorded:



There were no bad odours reported, as previously experienced.



There were no blockages reported. All other washrooms continued to be problematic.


Eradicating urinal water usage

The urinal water usage was completely eradicated without any detrimental effect to the washrooms urinal hygiene and
cleanliness. The sites water savings were exceptional. Results showed a reduction of over 42% of the buildings total water consumption.

The Conclusion

Tower 42 are seen as global pioneers for proactively implementing new environmental best practices in high rise buildings.


During the trial period hundreds of staff members utilised the trial washroom facilities daily.


The installation of the Water-Warrior across the estate (80 urinals) has resulted in a significant reduction in urinal maintenance, an elimination of urinal odours and:

Annum saving


Water saved

70,560.00 m


Reduced CO  


13759.20 Kg

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