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Waterless urinal - University of West London  - Case Study - waterless solutions

The University of West London is a Top 100 University in the UK and a major London academic institution. It has strong commitments to the environment and holds Silver Level within Ecocampus, a national Environmental management system (EMS).

It is no surprise that the University of West London (UWL) was an early adopter of waterless
urinals, recognising the potential to reduce water and energy consumption. By 2010, the UWL had conducted trials with our Partners at WhiffAway (the UK’s leading specialist in waterless urinals) 

The Result:

Water usage

Between 15% and 20% of total water used across the University


Time spent by on-site maintenance teams on unblocking washroom urinal waste pipes and
associated traps

Improved Odour 

Odour control and hygiene within washrooms

Waterless urinal - University of West London  - Case Study - waterless solutions

"The combined cost savings in water and maintenance made this an easy decision, particularly as it contributed to our environmental goals."

Campus Facilities Manager 

For more than 7 years, every UWL washroom urinal has been maintained by WhiffAway as water-free through a bespoke planned and preventative maintenance regime that includes the supply of a micro-biological daily cleaning fluid and a reactive call out facility by WhiffAway technicians. As an example of our success, as of 2015 there have been two reactive call outs since the systems implementation.


With the financial and environmental cost of water increasing every year, the UWL has continued to reaffirm its commitment to the environment and for introducing best practise within facilities management. 100% water-free urinals is central to this ambition and will surpass a decade of successful operation in the near future.

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