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Waterless urinal - case study - Euro Tunnel - Case Study - waterless solutions
Retro-fit Behaviour Achieves Sustainable Commercial, Environmental and Operational Savings Across Eurotunnel’s UK Campus
Waterless urinal - case study - Euro Tunnel - Case Study - waterless solutions

Euro Tunnel tasked WhiffAway Group, a market leader in waterless urinal technology, biological solutions and closed systems with reducing its water consumption in conjunction with overcoming inherent washroom odours associated with urinals.


Due to high traffic experienced, it was identified that the urinals were the single largest user of water in the public and staff washrooms, moreover, were a common problem in terms of regularly blocking up, causing flooding, bad odours, leading to washroomdowntime and complaints as a result.

The Brief
The Problem

Urinals that experience heavy usage tend to suffer from intermittent odours, regular blockages, flooding, vandalism and high water consumption. Over a number of years Euro Tunnel had tried a whole host of other products, including enzymes, chemical dosing systems, reduced flushing, biological sleeves and other waterless urinals, but none had worked satisfactory. Based on these negative historic experiences, this meant the proposed ‘Water Warrior’ solution and accompanying end to end service delivery had to undergo a prolonged trialling period of over four years to satisfy all key stakeholders.

The Solution

WhiffAway Groups ‘Water-Warrior’ System is the market leading retro-fit solution and is completely waterless, dual patented and cost effective. The unique non-return valve ensures that odours are not emitted from within the pipe work through intermittent back pressure.


Furthermore, the patented cartridge contains a proprietary malodour counteractant to tackle surface odours and a ‘friendly’ biological consortia, engineered to produce enzymes amongst other functions that help break down the formation uric salts, so they cannot solidify and cause frequent blockages.

Where applicable and to minimise fabric changes, bespoke waterless troughs have been introduced in various staff areas and waterless bowls in the few washrooms where retro-fit behaviour was not achievable.

The ‘Water-Warrior’ technology is also complimented with a turn-key initial installation, planned preventative maintenance and a reactive support package, carried out by WhiffAway Groups in-house trained technicians. Delivering an ongoing duty of care to customers and staff was essential given the high profile nature of the campus.

The Result

Euro Tunnel agreed to trial WhiffAway’s ‘Water-Warrior’ System in the busiest and most problematic gentleman’s washroom on the campus. As above, the trial was monitored over a four year period.



There were no bad odours reported by passengers or staff, as previously experienced.



There have been no blockages due to build up in the urinals common pipe work. There has been no urinal flooding and this in turn has increased capacity, radically reduced washroom downtime and led to other hidden operational savings.


Eradicating urinal water usage

The urinal water usage was completely eradicated whilst improving urinal hygiene and overall cleanliness.

The Conclusion

The installation of WhiffAway’s ‘Water Warrior’ System across the UK’s Euro Tunnel campus (95 urinals) has resulted in a significant reduction in urinal maintenance, an elimination of urinal odours and estimated annual savings of:

Annum saving


Water saved

22,248.37 m


Reduced CO  


4,338.43 Kg

What they had to say;

“The Water-Warrior System has enabled Euro Tunnel to cure an age old problem of urinal odours, blockages and flooding in conjunction with achieving exceptional monetary, water and energy savings.”


"Whilst we were initially cautious, we are now very satisfied with the results and would not hesitate in recommending WhiffAway Group to other interested parties”

Kenny Marshall, M&E and Building Services Leader, Euro Tunnel.

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