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Waterless urinal - case study - London Stadium - Case Study
London Calling –West Ham FC Club Score With
Premier Waterless Urinals
Waterless urinal - case study - London Stadium - Case Study

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was built by Sir Robert McAlpine to host the 2012 Olympic Games and its world class facilities included waterless urinals, delivering exceptional savings on new build costs by removing the need for cisterns, sparges and spreaders.

WhiffAway Group was chosen to provide the waterless urinal technology throughout the Olympic Park and it was a great success for Team GB and WhiffAway Group. When the stadium was converted to become the London Stadium, West Ham United FC, the new tenant moved in.


There was only one specialist company able to install and maintain the many hundreds of urinal bowls (177) and troughs (187) across the stadium. The installation by WhiffAway of its latest waterless urinal technology took place in Autumn 2016.

The Problem

WhiffAway Group’s waterless urinal solution offers an event based stadium a cost effective means to maintain its washroom urinals without the logistical problem of maintaining a large number of dispersed washrooms with working cisterns, flushing apparatus and electronic sensors.


Not to mention the cost and time that is traditionally spent on clearing conventional waste traps and common waste pipes of debris and scale.

The Solution

WhiffAway’s ‘Water Warrior’ System is a complete and purpose designed solution for the common problems associated with urinals. Its patented hygiene seal offers a one-way valve solution to control back odours, whilst enabling free flowing waste to drain away by removing the conventional trap.


A propriety replacement cartridge and integrated debris collector within the urinal, in conjunction with biological activity and environmentally friendly cleaning technology helps break down the formation of uric salts, delivering a first class solution for users. WhiffAway ensures best performance through its dedicated urinal technicians, providing both a bespoke planned preventative and reactive maintenance regime suitable for a stadiums requirements.

WhiffAway’s waterless technology eliminates the problem of blocked and overflowing flushing urinals during event days and
enables a stadium to promote its sustainability credentials. Critically, it allows the stadium’s central holding tank capacity to cope with high levels of water consumption experienced at half time intervals.

The Result

of Smells

Eradicating urinal water usage


The Conclusion

The Water-Warrior System is a tried and tested solution to overcome problems of traditional flushing urinals.


It satisfies both the stadium operators and users, enabling them to benefit from clean, green and trouble free waterless urinals during event days.

Waterless urinal - case study - London Stadium - Case Study
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