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How to clean a waterless urinal

3 simple steps for a spotless finish

Keep it simple with the single mix solution for spotless results every time

Download full Cleaning instructions here;

Instructions for; Daily Cleaning Regime

Instructions for; Deep Cleaning Regime

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Summary Recap;

How to clean waterless urinal

1. Mix Solution

Mix concentrate cleaning solution with water.

Select an option from below to keep the water warrior in working condition. HOT WATER OR BLEACH MUST NOT BE USED.

How to clean waterless urinal

2. Spray + Wipe

If it's a twist lock, quarter turn cartridge to lift off then spray and remove any debris.

How to clean waterless urinal

3. Final spray

If applicable twist back on cartridge spray + wipe this then leave with a final spray.

One stop shop for all cleaning solutions

Multi Purpose Cleaner


100% Bio-degradable & environmentally friendly

Safe under CHIP/COSHH

Eradicate odours at source

Remove and digest waste

No need for harmful chemicals

Cost effective solution

Waterless Solutions - multi prupose cleaner

Whiffaway Multipurpose cleaners are a safe and effective treatment to assist with provision of a  trouble free washroom environment.

Application - Washroom

WhiffAway Multi-purpose Cleaner (WMC) is an advanced biological action cleaner designed for hard surface cleaning of washroom areas, and as part of a complete WhiffAway cleaning and hygiene regime for waterless urinals, it will also help to eradicate foul odours at source.

WMC contains a blend of selected micro-organisms specially chosen for their ability to grow and produce a wide range of enzymes which help degrade organic waste materials.


WMC also contains a blend of surfactants and natural ingredients to enhance the cleaning effect of the product and to penetrate into deposits on surfaces.

The natural ingredients help to dissolve calcium carbonates and uric acid crystals thus helping to prevent significant build-up. This helps to eliminate the need for the use of corrosive acids and hazardous chemicals commonly used for this purpose.

Waterless Solutions - cleaning sachets

Sachet Cleaner


100% Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly

Safe under CHIP/COSHH

Space saving

Easy to use

Whiffaway group developed the sachet cleaner with both waste management and conserving space in mind.

Application - Washroom

It uses a carefully selected blend of surfactants and bacteria to target grime and organic food sources which are the source of most bad odours. Replace your current liquid cleaning product and enjoy the commercial and environmental benefits of the WhiffAway Sachet Cleaner.

The WhiffAway Sachet Cleaner is a revolutionary non-toxic cleaning product designed for organisations who want to utilise environmentally friendly cleaning products. This biological cleaner is non-caustic, chlorine and ammonia free with a subtle signature fragrance.

Active Soap


Up to a 99.9999% resistance from harmful pathogens

Competitively priced

Leaves light fragrance on hands

Reduces cross contamination

Non toxic, non irritant & non corrosive

Cleans and disinfects

Independently tested by UKAS

accredited laboratories


Field tested within the NHS

Fully serviced solution

Waterless Solutions - activesoapbottles

ActiveSoap gives effective, environmentally friendly protection against viruses and bacteria whilst remaining gentle on your skin.

Application - Sink

The core biocide at the heart of the ActiveSoap formula is proven to be effective against H5N1, H1N1, E.Coli, MRSA, HIV and many others.


Applied through ActiveSoap Delivery Systems and refillable wall mounted dispensers.

Waterless Solutions - cleanhands-bottles

Clean Hands


Up to a 99.9999% log reduction

against harmful pathogens


No alcohol


Reduces risks of cross contamination


Non toxic, non irritant and non corrosive


Cleans and disinfects


Independently tested by UKAS accredited laboratories


Field tested within the NHS

WhiffAway Groups ‘Clean Hands’ Sanitiser is quick and easy for sterilising and cleaning hands with no water or towel required.

Application - Sink + Queuing Areas

This proprietary alcohol free foam kills germs, cleans hands, removes odour and does not dry out hands or irritate skin.

Bioflow Dosing Fluid


Breaks down the formation of fats, oils and greases

Environmentally friendly

Safe to handle

Applied through programmable IOT delivery systems

Fully serviced solution

Waterless Solutions - bioflow-bottles

Application - Grease Traps

BioFlow Dosing Fluid is driven by nature and is simplicity itself. BioFlow is made using a harmless consortium of bacteria and XL Technology, engineered to naturally breakdown FOGs and eradicate associated odours through a process called multiple exclusion.

Waterless Solutions - whiffdisc

Odour Hygiene Disk


Trusted, product being sold for over 29 years


Neutralises malodours at source

WhiffAway Groups multipurpose disc was launched in 1993 and form an integral part of the worlds first retro-fit water urinal, the Dome and Disc System.

Application - Washrooms + Urinals + Open Spaces

Independently proven by credible institutions, WhiffAway discs are engineered to neutralise malodours at source.  WhiffAway discs are readily available for use in conjunction with our WHIF-1/WHIF-2 Urinal Waste Outlets and as a wall mounted disc holder.

Urinal Hygiene Screen

Waterless Solutions - matandballrender2

The Mat & Ball Urinal Screen combines patented technology & over 20 years of expertise in the worldwide urinal space.

Unlike most other urinal screens, the Mat & Ball adopts the removable Power-Ball, which delivers a secondary fragrance action and gives customers the ability to replace the core biological element of the screen on demand. Thus removing the need to dispose of the entire screen until fragrance is fully depleted.

Application - Urinals

Designed to be compatible with most urinal sizes and using proprietary EVA materials, the Mat & Ball provides quadruple action, delivering a range of powerful fragrances, reduced splash back, interchangeable biological action and malodour control.

The Mat & Ball Screen was developed to be fully compatible with both flushing and waterless urinal variants and provides up to 60 day performance.


Odour Free Floor Drain


Quick Installation

Retro Fits

Creates Odour Lock

Low Maintenance

Creates Access

Waterless Solutions - closedsystems

Application - Showers + Sinks + Urinals + Floor Drains + WC

WhiffAway developed the Closed System concept in 2012, based on our understanding of operational problems from other plumbing entities, such as the wash hand basin, floor drain and shower gully area.

Common operational problems identified included back pressure, blow back, evaporation and siphonage. This results in increased odours in washroom environments.

Our patented range of Closed Systems delivers a simple solution for both specification and retro-fit environments. This removes the reliance of conventional water seals and replaces it with a physical barrier, leading to a more hygienic and odour free washroom environment.

Washroom Scenting System

Waterless Solutions - openspaces

WhiffAway Group produces its own Aircare Systems and have a range of IP orientated solutions for differing applications.


Choice of fragrances


Biodegradable refills


No aerosol or propellants


Creates a more pleasant washroom


Service Friendly

4 Unique Functions

Continuous Fragrance Delivery

Wide Fragrance Library

Malodour Control

Fully Serviced Solution

Application - Washrooms

Under our own brand, we also work in partnership with selected manufacturers to deliver Washroom Scenting Systems.

These Washroom Scenting Systems adopt tried and tested technology, achieve consistent fragrance release and enhance general washroom perception for staff and visitors alike.

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