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Why are dual flush toilets better than single flush?

Waterless Solutions - dual flush top left view
Waterless Solutions - dual flush front view

Save Money

Ease budgets with instant savings.

Boost Building Efficiency

Boost building performance and reduce operational costs.


Improve your company’s carbon footprint and environmental performance.


Propelair exceeds environmental planning legislation such as Part G of the Building Regulations and Code for Sustainable Homes.

Measurable results

Savings can be accurately measured over time, helping your business to anticipate incoming costs and plan for future budgets.

Environmental Care

Saving water demonstrates your company’s commitment towards sustainability and the environment.

Global Recognition

Propelair reaches the highest performance rating under BREEAM’s water efficiency guidelines.

Operational Efficiency

Using less water and energy boosts resource efficiency and building performance.

Waterless Solutions - dual flush side view
Waterless Solutions - top view
Waterless Solutions - how do dual flush toilets work?

How do dual flush toilets work?

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