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Air Freshener Refill (60 day refill)

Air Freshener Refill (60 day refill)

1 Pod included


WhiffAway Group produces its own Aircare Systems and have a range of IP orientated solutions for differing applications.




  • Choice of fragrances
  • Biodegradable refills
  • No aerosol or propellants
  • Creates a more pleasant washroom environment
  • Service Friendly
  • 4 Unique Functions
  • Continuous Fragrance Delivery​
  • Wide Fragrance Library
  • Malodour Control
  • Fully Serviced Solution


Application - Washrooms

Under our own brand, we also work in partnership with selected manufacturers to deliver Washroom Scenting Systems.

These Washroom Scenting Systems adopt tried and tested technology, achieve consistent fragrance release and enhance general washroom perception for staff and visitors alike.

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