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Water Audit

Maximise water savings through mapping out water statistics from source to waste

The details

Consolidate suppliers

Do you have multiple business locations? Maybe you have a pub company with pubs spread across the country? Are you paying more for water in one than the other? Following deregulation there are now 20+ suppliers to choose from. Our team and partners will help you to find the most appropriate water supplier for your needs.

Understand your bill

Water bills can be confusing. What is waste water? Do you know exactly what you are paying? Is it the same across your estate? Our team at LSI can analyse your bill through our audit and invoice validation software to check supplier invoices, quickly and accurately. In most instances our new customers have paid 20% too much… could this be you?

Waterless Solutions - water audit dam
Waterless Solutions - water audit paper
Get the best possible price

Do you know what your competitors are paying? Are you concerned you are paying too much to your current supplier? We know the water market inside out and our partners follow a completely independent approach, working to tender all clean and waste water supplies, ensuring you are able to take advantage of any savings.

Expert advice

When we find anomalies with your bill or just plain overcharging, you can be rest assured you have the best team to take control of the situation. Whether it is through negotiation, our free site surveys or monitoring through our smart water meters, we make sure all our customers are paying the right price for their water & waste services.

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