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Kinetic Controller
  • Kinetic Controller

    The Kinetic is an “all-in-one electronic control”, designed to save time and guarantee water-savings in commercial washroom usage.


    Designed to look stylish and multi-functional, the Kinetic is simple to install and set-up that reduces water consumption in commercial Washroom installations.


    • Can be ceiling, wall of pipe mounted, giving you the flexibility to locate

    • Does not need much electric to run so you can use as little as x4 AA batteries to the mains

    • The valve set is designed to not require disassembly making it quick and easy to service the filter

    • Convenient button panel for multiple settings, from 12hr hygiene to 24hr economy flushing

    • WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved


    • Can flush up to 5 urinals so long as water regulations are met by the cistern, and auto-syphon. 

    • Sensor reaches for 5 meters


    • Compared to regular water systems save up to 80% water

    • Can take water pressures from 0.1 bar to 10. bar

    • Built in alert to notify if batteries are getting low


    Optimising water consumption for automatic cisterns  will allow you to cut way down on wasted resources helping your business step toward a more sustainable system and continuous savings.

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